The Taping and Strapping Course is a one day course providing participants with a full understanding of sports taping and strapping. They will have the ability to identify the suitability of taping for specific soft tissue injuries. They will acquire the knowledge about the different taping and strapping materials available and gain the practical ability to apply safe, effective taping and strapping to joints and muscles.

Qualifications Gained

  • Portobello Institute Certificate of Completion

Entry Requirements

Entry to this course is by direct application to the college. Students are required to have some knowledge of A&P.

Course Structure

This is a one day course.

Course Content Modules

  1. Tapping & Strapping materials required.
  2. Pre, application and post application considerations.
  3. Practical Taping & Strapping demonstrations:
    1. Lateral Ankle Sprain
    2. Achilles Tendon off-load
    3. McConnell's Taping for Patella-Femoral (Anterior Knee) Pain
    4. Patellar Tendon off-load
    5. Lateral Co-lateral and Medial Co-lateral taping for the knee
    6. Shoulder instability and A/C Joint Strapping
    7. Lateral Co-lateral and Medial Co-lateral taping for the elbow
    8. Elbow hyperextension strapping
    9. Wrist strapping
    10. Thumb strapping
    11. Buddy taping for the fingers



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