Fundamentals of Strength & Conditioning

This workshop is designed to provide sports professionals with the basic knowledge, understanding and fundamental practical skills of athletic strength and conditioning. The workshop will facilitate the learner’s awareness of sensitive periods of development in given movements, muscular endurance and learner technique. Furthermore the workshop will develop learner’s knowledge around sport specific “game based demands” on biomechanical movement and strength.

Functional Screening

Research has shown that observation of human movement which replicated common sporting movements can be used to develop strategies for injury prevention and enhanced athletic performance. New research shows that an observation of movement using the Overhead Squat Test, Single Leg Squat and Drop Jump Landing Mechanics may carry the reliability necessary to help therapists determine the best integrated therapeutic plan to reduce athletes/players injury risk.

Qualifications gained

Portobello Institute Certificate in Strength & Conditioning Fundamentals

Portobello Institute Certificate in Functional Screening 

Entry Requirements

Entry to this course is by direct application to the college. It is desirable (but not necessary) to have 2 to 3 years coaching experience within your chosen field.

Course Structure

This is a 2 day intensive workshop.

Strength & Conditioning Course Content


Safety Awareness

Technique Fundamentals

Range of Movement & Speed

Correct Body and Limb Positioning

Game Based Demands


Functional Screening Course Content


Biomechanical instructions to athletes

Position of the coach

What and why to screen

Assessment tools for Screening


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