Plyometric Training

This workshop is designed to provide sports professionals with basic knowledge of understanding of plyometric training principals. Plyometric training involves various jumping exercises that improve force, development and improvement of tissue elasticity. The Plyometric training principals involve an eccentric muscle action (lengthening of the muscle tissue), amortization phase (phase between eccentric and concentric muscle actions), and a concentric muscle action (shortening of the muscle tissue). To perform any sport at an elite level is heavily dependent upon one’s ability to exert force in an explosive manner.

Explosive Lifts

This stage of workshop is developed to provide learners with basic knowledge and understanding in the fundamentals of weightlifting techniques and systems of complex movements involved. The ability to overcome resistance quickly and execute quick forceful movements requires explosive-reactive power, which involves a rapid stretching of a muscle(s) that is undergoing eccentric contraction, and followed by fast concentric contraction. The workshop aims to develop the learner’s knowledge around the development, kinetic energy and neuromuscular underpinnings of explosive reactive power.

Qualifications gained

Portobello Institute Certificate in Explosive Lifting

Entry Requirements

Entry to this course is by direct application to the college. It is desirable (but not necessary) to have 2 to 3 years coaching experience within your chosen field.

Course Structure

This is a 2 day intensive workshop

Plyometric Training Course Content


Eccentric muscle action

Amortization phase

Concentric muscle action

Linear speed & Agility



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