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This newly developed Sports Management programme, aims to develop learner’s knowledge in strategic sports management, transformational leadership techniques as well as high performance science in a rapidly growing industry. The course develops learner’s ability to gather, interpret and utilize from performance statistical analysis.  Learners will also develop an understanding of the fundamentals of player and team development which include an overview of nutrition, psychology, athletic profiles, injury prevention and rehabilitation.
The unique combination of theory based teaching and applied practice allows learners to gain invaluable experience in high performance and managerial themes in the field of professional sport management.  Key features of include guest speakers, field trips, access to the most established sports analysis software available, industry experienced lecturers and the opportunity to participate on a work experience programme.

Qualifications Gained

Portobello Institute Certificate in Sports Management

Entry Requirements

Entry to this course is by direct application to the college. There are no previous academic requirements.

Class Sizes

We are committed to ensuring you gain the most, academically and personally, during your study time with Portobello.  To facilitate this, we limit our class sizes to a maximum of 14 students on part-time programmes. With these uniquely small classes, we create the environment for you get to know everyone in your group, you can then feel comfortable and confident to ask questions and our tutors have the time to attend to the needs of each and every student. Many of our students tell us of the lifelong friendships they have made during their study time with Portobello.

Assignment Support

We understand the challenge of completing assignments at third level, the new skills and the change in thinking sometimes needed to put on paper, all that you have learned. We offer our students the opportunity to submit a draft assignment for informal feedback before submitting the final version. We care about your success, we want you to achieve the best you can and we offer you the individual support to acquire the skills you need to communicate what you have learned whilst studying with Portobello Institute.

Course Structure

This is a part time course delivered 1 evening per week over 28 weeks.

Course Content Modules

Sports Management

The module aims to equip learners with knowledge and understanding of contemporary sports management within many different sport organisations. The module raises the learner’s awareness in successful planning, organising, leading and development of sport organisations, developing the learners understanding of player development, performance, and strategic management.

•     Understand and identify the implications of the challenges and complexities of modern day sports management.
•    Understand and have familiarity with the organisational structures of sport and recreation in Ireland and the factors that promote an effective leisure industry.
•    Understand and apply Program planning and performance analysis.
•     Understand and develop management techniques and tactics required for successful planning, organising, leading.

Ethic & Codes of Practice

This module introduces students to a variety of key contemporary ethical issues in sport. The module puts together the collective good practice experiences of our sports associations while also recognising the legislative, organisational, and statutory guidance that governs our work with young people and children.

•    Understand and apply the following principals in best sport practice:  inclusion, diversity, and social integration in sports organisations  
•    Understand and deliver the fair rule applies ethos in sporting organisation as well as child and juvenile welfare.
•    Understand and Review child protection procedures regularly through open discussion to members, Sports Councils, and Statutory Authorities
•    Understand and Recognise the development needs and capacity of all underage players, regardless of their ability, by emphasising participation for all while avoiding excessive training and competition

Performance Statistics

This module advances a student’s knowledge in the key principals of performance analysis and key performance indicators.  The module will build student’s awareness in understanding the material and mechanisms to tactically analyse sports performances.  The module introduces students to software applied to performance analysis involving notational analysis, statistical analysis, and feedback provision.

•    Understand and incorporate the role of performance analysis in Sports & Exercise performances
•    Understand and interpreting tactical and strategical analysis of sports performances, including possessions, turnovers and counter attacks and so on.  
•    Understand and design appropriate feedback strategies and interventions for improving performance in different sporting groups.
•    Understand and collect Observation and data from performance analysis (practical based learning).

Fundamentals of Sports Psychology, Nutrition, Coaching and Rehabilitation

Having an understanding of the principles and basic fundamentals of sports psychology, nutrition, coaching and rehabilitation are key to any student working with athletes in a sports management role.

•    Understanding of the appropriate application of psychological knowledge to the measurement and assessment of human performance and develop applied skills necessary to service the needs of the athlete or coach and professionals in exercise settings.
•    Defining the evolution of the coach athlete relationship, helping students understand the responsibility of the coach in relation to the motives and needs of the players in his/her charge in the promotion of sport.
•    Introduce students to the management and preventative methods surrounding the most common clinically encountered musculoskeletal sports injuries. Develops student’s awareness in the range of injuries suffered by the athletic populations, and up to date preventive strategies available.
•    Understanding the benefits of appropriate nutrition and consequences of inadequate nutrition and awareness on common food groups and their relationship to the effects on the body and their links to high performance.



Name: Sports Management

Cost: 2500 Euro

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Portobello Institute, Dublin 1
  • 24/09/18 - 27/05/19
  • Mon 6.30pm-9.30pm