Portobello Institute is delighted to launch our newly developed and innovative course in Performance Analysis. This program incorporates the latest and most advanced software from Performa Sports, the experts focused on using technology to enhance performance analysis and coaching.

Aiming to enable the learner’s ability to collect, understand and utilize performance analysis, this unique program allows learners to gain an insight into the field of performance analysis using technology. There is an immense amount of data available and being able to analyse this objectively for both individual and team performances throughout a competitive season is a key skill now required of those involved in sports performance enhancement.
This program aims to prevent learners / coaches from collecting "empty statistics”, but rather develop the learners ability to construct flexible key performance indicators, linking them directly to progressive performance software and analysis.

The program provides the foundation of the theory and practice of performance analysis using technology; learners will understand the software and theoretical underpinnings of performance analysis as well as have an opportunity to practically experience live sports performance analysis with a sports team.

Main Benefits Include:
Selection and construction of tactical and performance based Key Performance Indicators
Improve tactical and technical prowess.
Improve decision making.
Enable in-depth reviews on performance and progression of KPI's
Enhance coaching / selector awareness and development.
Set realistic goals and objectives for specific matches through video feedback
Improve the understanding of performance with precise and objective performance reviews after every game throughout the season

Qualification Gained

Portobello Institute Certificate in Performance Analysis.  

Entry Requirements

Entry to this course is by direct application to the college. There are no previous academic requirements.  

Course Structure

This course is run one evening per week for 6 weeks

Course Content

Applied Performance Analysis
-    Examine interactions between  players and their individual skill elements
Advances in Performance Analysis
-    Importance of  statistical feedback on team and individual feedback
Feedback video – based Analysis
-    Individual fine motor movements as well as gross movements and movement patterns  
-    Code/ tag and run analysis on performance factors such as possession, opposition possession, turnovers, scores, opposition scores , shot accuracy, defensive pressure, forced errors, unforced errors, and assists/ passes.


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