The BSc (Hons) in Sports Science & Physical Education awarded by London Metropolitan University (LMU) is one of the first such degrees in the UK. In Ireland the demand for skilled, highly trained graduates in this specialised area is at an all time high. Knowledge and understanding of Sports Science and Physical Education is developed through an integrated programme of lectures, tutorials, practicals and laboratory based sessions, and through the guided use of student centered learning activities such as problem solving exercises, case studies, directed reading and e-learning. Students are registered as undergraduate students with London Metropolitan University.

The 1st year of this degree is common with the 1st year of the sports therapy degree so students can explore both the therapy and coaching and science elements of sport before deciding on the route they wish to follow at the end of first year. This degree provides a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding in all disciplines of sports science including psychology, human physiology and anatomy with the addition of specific PE workshops and practicals. The focus of Year 2 is the application of knowledge and in particular the science behind effective teaching and learning in sport. The final Year 3 emphasis is placed on advanced and applied aspects of sports performance and physical education.

Qualifications Gained

BSc (Hons) in Sports Science and Physical Education awarded by London Metropolitan University (LMU)

Entry Requirements

Entry to this course is by direct application with an offer of acceptance on the programme issued following an interview. Students will be registered as an undergraduate degree student  with London Metropilitan University.

Non EU Students

To book an interview for this course, please use the book now button below. For Non EU student course fees, see here.

Non EU Students

To book an interview for this course, please use the book now button below. For Non EU student course fees, see here.

Course Structure

This is a full time course delivered over 3 years - the weekly delivery schedule is 2-3 days per week to reduce the amount of time regional students need to stay in Dublin.

Transfer options

Once students have completed year 1, there is the option to transfer to complete year 2 & 3 of BSc (Hons) in Sports Therapy.

Progression Routes

Sports degree courses at Portobello Institute in conjunction with London Metropolitan University have been designed to help students towards their long term goals.Progression routes are available across Ireland and the UK and include University of Limerick, University of Ulster and Reading University. Over 20% of the graduates of 2017 chose to go on to study at Masters level.

See a full list of relevant routes here

Career Opportunities

The first cohort of this degree graduated in 2017. As outlined above, over 20% chose to progress their studies to Masters level and over 65% are employed in careers directly relating to their degree. Employers and locations are varied with one graduate emigrating to work as a PE teacher in Dubai whilst another is employed as part of a sports scientist team in Canada. Of those who remain in Ireland, McNulty Performance, the GAA and FAI are among the employers of our graduates.

Sports Playing Opportunities

All male and female students of Portobello Institute have the opportunity to try out for the "Fresher" and "Senior" teams of IT Tallaght. Sports include Rugby, GAA football and hurling, basketball, hockey, boxing. For further information on these opportunities, email

Course Content Modules

Year 1 (Level 6)

Essential Principles in Sports Science

Sports Anatomy & Physiology

Practical Sports Experience

Science, Research & Application

Year 2 (Level 7)

Sports Physiology

Psychological Factors in Sport

Principles of Effective Coaching and Teaching

Sports Science Research Methods

Bio-mechanics of Human Movement (optional)

 Year 3 (Level 8)

Curriculum Development in Physical Education

Advanced Coaching Theory & Practice

Sports Science and Therapy & Dissertation

Sports Psychology and the Elite Athlete

Applied Principles of Sports Physiology (optional)

Biomedical Implications of Exercise

Learning Outcomes

1. Knowledge and understanding:

- Have a thorough and systematic knowledge of the various scientific topics studied
 -Have a high level of understanding of current research evidence on which knowledge of the principle areas of sports science and physical education are founded
- Apply scientific and pedagogical knowledge in practical settings
- Execute and critically evaluate research relevant to the areas of sports science and physical education
- Facilitate the enhancement of performance through teaching or coaching

2. Cognitive intellectual skills:

- Understand and develop clear and logical arguments in support or criticism of scientific assertions and theories, incorporating literature-base evidence
- Make informed judgements when exploring research questions
- Show fluency with appropriate quantitative and numerical skills, involving relevant mathematical and statistical methods
- Demonstrate academic, pedagogical and scientific literacy at graduate level

3. Transferable skills including those of employability and professional practice:

- Communicate, both orally and in writing, in a concise, clear and scholarly manner
- Demonstrate a range of transferable skills including active involvement in learning, exercise of initiative and judgement, use of appropriate resources and technology   
- Appreciate the skills necessary to secure and retain employment, including communication, consideration for others, creativity, dedication and self-discipline
- Understand ethical and other professional issues involved in practice as a sports or exercise scientist, coach and teacher

4. Subject-specific practical skills:

- Demonstrate an understanding of practical skills relating to work as a sports scientists and teacher of physical education
- Critically evaluate the principles and limitations of scientific measurement
- Propose appropriate methodologies for a variety of measurements in sports and exercise science
- Facilitate the enhancement of sporting performance through effective teaching

Course Aims

The course is designed for those students considering entering the teaching profession. Students study a range of modules considering learning and teaching alongside the main sports science disciplines. Modules such as Practical Delivery in Sport & Physical Education, Inclusive Education and Contemporary Issue in PE provide the foundations for the Physical Education component.  The course furthermore aims to develop students' ability to work independently, in proposing and developing solutions to problems in a systematic and effective manner, and in communicating confidently and clearly both in writing and verbally.



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