Who is this programme for?

The BIFM level 5 qualification is aimed at facilities managers with existing experience working in middle to senior management with responsibilities for specialised and complex FM functions. This programme is also suitable for those aspiring to these roles.

Aims of the Programme

The learning outcomes for this programme are designed to:

  • Enable the critical evaluation of operational and strategic facilities management
  • Equip students to develop and apply effectives strategies for managing people in facilities management
  • Develop understanding of the importance of risk management in facilities management
  • Deliver an understanding of financial management in facilities management

Assessment Criteria

Practical assessment tasks that are work-based, reflecting live business projects and activities are the core assessment techniques used for this qualification.

Entry Requirements

Minimum of 2 years experience in FM.


Course Structure

The BIFM level 5 programme is available to study through part-time tuition. It is delivered over evening and day sessions. There is an induction Workshop, held on an evening prior to the start of the programme.  The programme runs all year, with a break in the month of December, and classes are scaled back to generally 1 full day session during the months of July and August.

Achievement of the BIFM Level 5 Diploma in FM reflects the ability of the Facilities Manager to identify and use relevant understanding, methods and skills to address complex problems. These programmes seek to deliver to the learner, an understanding of different perspectives, diverse approaches and an independent school of thought when proposing a course of action in the FM context. Live case studies delivered by senior industry practitioners give a real insight into the varied world of Facilities Management. The BIFM level 5 Diploma, is recognised by industry, as essential for career progression to senior level within Facilities Management. To discuss course structure further please contact Lynda O'Neill on T: 01 8920031 E: lynda.oneill@portobelloinstitute.ie or Mairead Roche on T: 01 8920032 E: mairead.roche@portobelloinstitute.ie

Diploma Course Content

  • Organisational and Facilities Management Strategy
  • Managing People in FM
  • Property and Asset Management in FM
  • Managing Procurement and Contacts in FM
  • Risk Management in FM
  • Development and Trends in FM
  • Financial Management in FM
  • Managing Health & Safety in FM

Those holding a BIFM Level 4 Certificate or Diploma are exempt from one of the following:

  • Property and Asset Management in FM
  • Sustainability and Environmental Management and the impact on FM
  • Managing Health & Safety in FM


BIFM Level 5 Diploma in Facilities Management.


Students can progress their studies in FM or complement their qualifications with energy and
waste management qualifications.
All of these programmes are available through the CME.

  • BIFM Level 6 in Facilities Management
  • CME Level 1-2 Certificate in Energy Management
  • CME Level 1-2 Certificate in Waste Management



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