For past students only- this course is €350. To book as a past student, contact: Lynda O'Neill on 01 8920020 or email:

For first time students of the college the course is €395 and is bookable via the website.


Energy management is a term which is used within many organisations but often is not fully understood or defined properly. An awareness of energy and it's usage has a key role to play in all levels of society from domestic to industrial levels.

At the most basic level, a more efficient way of burning sticks and wood results in a reduction in the time taken to gather the required amount of fuel. At a more advanced level a reduction in energy consumption results in a reduction in the consumption of fossil fuels in boiler plant rooms and powerplants - this in turn leads to financial savings in the form of reduced energy bills.

Course Structure

On-line delivery or 1 day workshop

Course Content

  • What is energy?
  • The factors effecting energy demand and usage
  • Energy management and the organisation
  • The elements of an energy management plan

Further Studies

By completing the following "Awareness Certificates" participants can gain a rounded view of the core elements of sustainability:

  • Waste Awareness Certificate
  • The Role of Facilities Management

Aims of the Programme

This short course aims to deliver the following:

  • An understanding of energy and its forms.
  • The measured benefi ts and the indirect benefits of reducing energy consumption
  • The role of energy management and the part it plays within an organisation.
  • An overview of an energy management plan
  • How each individual can contribute to energy efficiency


Energy Awareness Certificate