Energy management is the key to saving energy within any organisation. Energy management is the process of controlling and reducing your organisations energy use, which enables reduction in costs and reduction in carbon emissions. This workshop looks at monitoring and observing energy usage.  Identifying how to control and conserving the use of energy in a building, leisure centre or facility.  This CPD workshop is aimed at operational or facility managers and other front line managers who wish to gain an understanding of the basic application of energy management in the workplace.  This programme has been developed by a team knowledgeable specialists in Energy Management and provides participants with the fundamentals of carrying out an Energy Audit.

Course Content

•    Why Energy Management is important
•    Identifying energy units used on billing systems and conversion rates
•    Identifying the difference between good maintenance and energy efficiency
•    Carrying out an energy audit
•    Rank equipment/systems in terms of energy usage - BER
•    An overview of an energy management plan
•    Identify opportunities for energy savings
•    Sub metering: how it works and why it is important
•    Estimate savings for each opportunity and payback on investment
•    The benefits of reducing energy consumption
•    Identifying operational trends within the workplace
•    Produce and assess a preliminary report
•    Identify energy conservation opportunities

Qualification Gained

CPD Accredited

Course Structure

This is a part-time class room based set of two tutorials delivered over 2 days. A practical assessment tasks, which are work-based, reflecting live business projects and activities are the core assessment techniques used for this qualification.

Further Studies

Participants may progress from this Programme onto the level 1 Programme. There are also opportunities for participants to follow a career in sustainability by undertaking Programmes in facilities and/or waste management.



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