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Welcome to the Distance Learning department at Portobello Institute

Founded in 1981, Portobello Institute is an independent college, with over 2,000 students and over 150 staff. It is a young, energetic and creative college with a proud record of innovation in distance learning education. Portobello Institute is distinguished by the commitment of all tutors to bringing their creativity, experience and expertise to all online courses, and via our distance learning online centre, to all students regardless of their location. Portobello Institute offers you the chance to achieve an externally accredited or Portobello Institute certificate without altering your current lifestyle.

Studying online through distance learning is an excellent way to bring study direct to your home. Studying an online course with us simply means not having to worry about time, distance or entry level requirements and can be the basis for a lifetime of personal and professional growth.  Distance learning is a flexible, cost effective way to reach your educational goals. Achieving your online certification is something to be proud of and employers both here and abroad recognise the effort and persistence that it takes to succeed.

Here at Portobello Institute we want all our students to succeed. Our experienced staff and programme designers are fully aware of online learning needs and have designed a distance learning experience that will suit a wide variety of learning styles.

How do I sign up for a distance learning course?

You need to be self-motivated and enjoy working independently to successfully meet the challenges of studying with Portobello Institute Distance Learning. Many students find it a rewarding and enriching experience, and one that gives a real sense of achievement.

If you have any queries call us now on 01-8920000 or email We would be delighted to hear from you.