My tutor Anne Marie’s abundant knowledge of the fashion industry along with a wealth of experience make for a killer combination in the class room.  I genuinely really want to listen and try and soak up as much information as I  could. Thanks to the continuous support and guidance from Anne Marie during my time at Portobello Institute I was able to interview armed with the best tips and advice in the business, ultimately leading to my dream job as a trainee fashion buyer in a fast fashion, multi-national company (Pennys).  Without Anne Marie this dream would not have become a reality.

Elaine Culhane
Fashion Buying & Merchandising

When I left school I really didn’t know what I wanted to do, so I took two years out to work in retail. Although I had always been interested in fashion my interest grew during this time so I began to research fashion courses and was quickly drawn to the Fashion Buying and Merchandising course in Portobello . I had always considered myself to be quite creative but the tutors in Portobello really helped me to expand my creativity particularly in the Design and Visual Merchandising modules. The tutors all had experience working in the industry so you can be rest assured they know what they’re talking about.
The course contains a lot of project work but because I was interested in the subjects I found that I really loved doing them and even now still find myself doing fashion mood boards at home. I really wasn’t expecting everyone in the creative department- Nicola and all the staff to be so nice, it really made the course so much more enjoyable.  When I started the course I set a goal that when I finished I would get a place in the Arnotts Summer internship and low and behold I am now two weeks into my internship typing this on my lunch break.

Kym O'Sullivan
Fashion Buying & Merchandising

"I completed the Interior Design course in Nov 2014. Interior Design is something I have always wanted to do but I was unsure if it was just a hobby or if I could make a career from it. Portobello Institute's part time course was perfect for me as at just 1 evening a week was manageable with my other commitments. The course was very interesting and relevant to today's market. The tutor was nearly the best part of the course. She was helpful and patient and made the course very enjoyable - so much so I have decided to try to make a career in it. This course is brilliant for anyone wondering if Interior Design is for them but can't commit to full time study, I loved it! 

Abdullah Alshulain
Interior Design

I've recently opened a fashion store, Anastasia in Ranelagh. As the owner of a small boutique, I'm responsible for all areas from fashion buying to merchandising to sales. The course on Fashion Buying and Merchandising, not only enhanced my knowledge of the whole buying procedure, but gave me an overall feel for the area. There was a very creative element to the course. Through the project work we developed a sense of the design, colour palettes and textures of clothing, as well as the influence of themes and different eras on fashion. We also explored how to work within a given budget and the importance of considering the customer within the buying process. Throughout the course, I developed my expertise as a buyer for my store. I also very much enjoyed the classes, which were friendly and sociable.

Catherine Byrne
Fashion Buying & Merchandising Certificate Part time

When I was 17 I didn't have a clue what I wanted to do. I enrolled on a course at UCD and studied Maths. While I am glad I have good degree behind me it was only when I was 24 that I realized that I really wanted to work in something creative so I decided to take the part-time Fashion Buying and Merchandising course at Portobello Institute. After completing my course I landed my dream job working with Dunnes Stores. I can happily say that I love going to work every day.

Lianda Reynolds
Fashion Buying & Merchandising Certificate Full time

I've always had a love for make up and through my research I found that the make up artistry course in Portobello Institute was the one for me. I did the course part time one evening a week but my tutor was always there to answer any questions I had outside of college hours. Since finishing my course I have done various photo shoots to build up my portfolio. I have also been hired to do weddings and debs and my website is near completion. All of the above I would never have deemed possible as I was in my late thirties starting college, but I got so much positive feedback and encouragement along with all the training and I thoroughly enjoyed retraining as it has provided me with a new career path.

Tracey Conlon
Portobello Make Up Artist Course Part time

My year in Portobello Institute doing the Fashion, Theatre, Media Make Up and Special Effects Course was thoroughly enjoyable, a great learning experience and a great basis for a career in the make up industry.

Nadia McMahon
Fashion, Theatre & Media Make Up Course

I completed the Make Up Artist course two years ago. I always had a keen interest in the area and decided to do the Part time Evening Course in Portobello Institute. It involved a lot of work but I loved every minute of it. Once we got over the theory work and started on our Portfolios, time just flew by. Every week involved different materials and characters, which kept each class interesting. We had an amazing tutor who was always there for inspiration, help and advice. By the end of the course I couldn’t believe the amount of work I had done. I had an excellent portfolio to take away with me and begin my search for a new career. After I finished the course I temped on a number of different cosmetic counters and did some theatre & film work. I am now working for MAC Makeup and doing lots of freelance on the side. And most importantly, I am loving every minute of it!

Grainne Duffy
Fashion, Theatre & Media Make Up Course

Over the years I have always worked in retail but I always wanted to move into Make Up Artistry.  I researched courses and decided to study Facial Make Up part time with Portobello Institute. Throughout the course we learned about the science of the skin, different make up products, how to use them and what flaws that they can conceal. We had a very good tutor and the course contained a lot of study although there was a good balance between theory and practice. I now plan to do another Make Up course concentrating on Wedding and Special Occasion Make Up with the end goal of setting up on my own. Moving into this area will allow me to work for myself, be more creative and balance my work/family much better.

Ann Peter
Facial Make Up Course