Portobello Institute is a small welcoming and non-intimidating college which makes everyone who walks through the doors feel at ease. I have been attending the college for two years, I completed the FETAC level 6 in Supervision in Childcare and now I have just finished year two of the BA honours in Early Childhood Education and Care, and I am now facing my final year with the BA programme.  The experiences I have gone through with Early Years Department in Portobello Institute have been excellent. The department are extremely supportive as you make your journey though your course, they are always ready to help with any problems that may come up. The lecturers each have their own extensive insight and knowledge into the early years, the material I have been exploring with them in the last two years has been very well thought out and put together and also very interesting and I know I will bring this vast knowledge with me into my future career. With the Early Years Department, the lecturers make themselves available for the students, should they need their assistance. I am so happy I picked Portobello Institute to carry out my studies with.

Aoife Bradley
BA (Hons) in Early Childhood Studies

The Montessori Diploma is a fascinating and challenging course which not only taught me the specific skills of a Montessori Directress but opened my eyes to how children develop something which has proven valuable both inside and outside the classroom. Learning about the unique materials and witnessing the benefits each one brings to the child is so rewarding and was something I personally felt everyone should know about.

Karen Neill
Montessori Teaching Diploma Course (Part time)

I have always been interested in working with children and spent many years in the childcare profession working as a children’s nurse. In 2000, I decided to go a little further into the field; I wanted to focus on the educational element of children’s development. I decided to do the Montessori (3-6 years) course with Portobello Institute. I found the course work was intense but I thoroughly enjoyed it and I was privileged to have a dedicated and committed tutor.

Shortly after I graduated I decided I wanted to start up my own Montessori School. I was lucky enough to receive a grant from ECOP. However even if I had not received this grant I would have sourced funding elsewhere. I set my Montessori Course up in a country town in Longford and it really just took off. Named Teach Leanbh, I’m very proud of my success. I’ve worked really hard at it and I’ve recently been able to build onto my original Institute and I now have a Montessori School & Crèche with 58 children.

Last year I couldn’t believe it when I was nominated for the Longford Enterprise awards. I guess someone put my name forward because I was a local employer, who had worked hard to build a business which was beneficial to the community.

I believe success in Montessori has a lot to do with the person. You must be 100% dedicated to the children, who must always be the main focus, no matter what.

Margaret Connell
Montessori Teaching Diploma Course (Part time)

I had been working in the travel industry for nine years but I got made redundant so I decided it was the perfect time to make a career change. I had always wanted to work with children and do Montessori teaching. The course was fantastic and I learnt such much. The tutors were a great support along the way. An essential part of the course is carrying out a work placement which gives you a real feel of what it would be like to work with children. I was fortunate to be offered a full time position with the same school I carried out my placement with.

Hayley Taffee
Montessori Teaching Diploma Course (Part time)

I trained as a Make-up artist and worked in various department stores but I didn’t really feel retail was for me.  I always wanted to work with children so I decided to go back to college to do teaching. I found the course thoroughly enjoyable, the content was superb and extremely interesting. I find the workload manageable yet very challenging and time consuming in a positive way. I became engrossed in the work and Montessori as a way of life. I found my tutor extremely approachable, helpful and knowledgeable and it was clear from the first class that the area meant a lot to her and her enthusiasm and personal interest in the area was motivating.

I was very lucky to have been offered a position within my work placement.  Every day I come home with a smile on my face, something makes you laugh, self reflect, adapt, improve, and enhance yourself or a child.  I don't for one second look back on my career change and decision to attend Portobello to study Montessori teaching.

Joanne Larby
Montessori Teaching Diploma Course (Part time)

I am currently in my second year of my Montessori Teaching course. The support and friendship throughout my first year has been amazing and much appreciated. I am so happy to have had Lisa Santoro as a tutor as she was not only were a teacher but also a friend, her classes were always fun and we gained so much from her lessons.

Hannah Doyle
Montessori Teaching Diploma Course (Part time)

I never realised that the course would cover both physical and learning disabilities. It also made me aware of the many learning difficulties people have and ways to overcome them.

Sinead Timmons
Special Needs Education Course Full time

I genuinely felt like I had a calling to work with children who needed that extra bit of help and attention. I saw the ad for Portobello Institute, in the paper and felt like it was meant to be. I thought the course was excellent and the standard was higher than anything I had done before. I cant recommend my tutor highly enough. I really love working with children and thanks to Portobello Institute, I can now work in my calling with children who have special needs.

Ellen Higgins Butler
Special Needs Education Certificate Part time

Having taken a career break, and having two children I wanted to do a course that was different. I decided on special needs. I went along to a Portobello Institute open day and really liked what I saw. The course was fantastic and the work experience element was a real highlight. I’m glad I did the course and I’m back in the workforce now as an Special Needs Assistant.

Tracy Ward
Special Needs Education Diploma Part time

I came to Portobello Institute to study Special Needs as I heard it was a good school and it seemed to have the course that suited me best. I found the content very interesting and really learned a lot.  There course content was varied and manageable.