Many students decide they wish to study more than one module at a time or like to plan to study 2 to 3 modules consecutively. Some students choose to study modules that are complimentary, for example Conflict Management and Employment Law whilst other students prefer to get a broader range of knowledge choosing to study one module from each semester grouping. Just to note, each module is part of the QQI level 6 Major Award (6M4587) in Management and contributes 15 credits towards achieving this award.

Business Modules

Business Management - 6N4310
Strategic Business Planning - 6N4105
Managing People - 6N3945
Leadership - 6N2191
Employment Law - 6N4322
Conflict Management - 6N2775

Special Offers:

Discounts are available when choosing to book and study the full major award at once. Portobello Institute also facilitates students who do not wish to enrol for the full award but would rather add a selection of further modules to their initial programme or who wish to pay for each module as they enrol on it. These are the options available;

Option 1: Book for full Management Major Award @ €2499

Option 2: Book first module at €695 and receive a discount of €195 off subsequent modules when paid for at the time of booking first module i.e. book 3 modules, pay €695 for the first and 2 * €500 for the second two

Option 3: Receive €100 off the price of the module when returning as a past-pupil to enrol on next module ie book Business Management to study in autumn 2018 @ €695 and book and pay for Leadership in January 2019 at €595

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