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Successful participants of the Aromatherapy course will be able to carry out an Aromatherapy treatment for people, be able to evolve and blend appropriate essential oils for specific needs and conditions, understand the concepts inherent in complementary therapies and will be able to carry out a consultation with their client and an Aromatherapy massage. Once qualified Aromatherapists can find employment within the beauty or complementary industries or health sector and/or opt to work for themselves. Participants may decide to study other therapies to complement their Diploma or special in one aspect of Aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is the study of essential oils, which are derived from plants. These oils are complex chemicals with unique fragrances and healing properties. They have being used for centuries to promote health and well being, treating both the mind and body.

Qualifications Gained

  • ITEC Level Three: Diploma in Aromatherapy

Entry Requirements

Entry to this course is by direct application to the college. Students must hold the ITEC or equivalent qualification in Anatomy, Physiology and Massage. They can study this concurrently and achieve the two qualifications at the same time.

Course Structure

  • 1 evening a week for 26 weeks

Course content modules

  1. The History of Aromatherapy from ancient to modern times
  2. The concept of Holistic treatments
  3. The detailed study of over 40 Essential oils
  4. Taxonomy and Plant Nomenclature
  5. Refined oils or carriers
  6. Blending essential oils in carriers e.g. vegetable oil, creams, butters, balms or ointments
  7. Safety and chemistry of essential oils
  8. Hydrolats (Flower waters) & their use in Aromatherapy
  9. The completion of a full body Aromatherapy massage
  10. The completion of case studies


1 practical exam
3 theory papers Aromatherapy, Anatomy & physiology, Professional conduct & Business Awareness


Name: ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Aromatherapy

Cost: 1699 Euro

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Course CodePrice and LocationInfo
Portobello Institute, Dublin 1
  • 18/10/18 - 09/05/19
  • Thurs 6.30pm - 9.30pm

Additional Course Costs

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  • ITEC Exam Fee: £110