The following are guidelines, which students will need to abide by to ensure there time at Portobello Institute is as free from difficulties as possible.

  • Students must attain an average attendance rate of 85% to progress to second year of a course.
  • Students must pass all the requirements of first year in order to progress to second year of a course.
  • Should a student fail first year, a re-sit/resubmission day will be held and students must make every effort to attain a pass grade on the second round.
  • Examination re-sit fees are not included.
  • Should a student fail for a second time they will be required to repeat the first year of the course. If it is deemed that a student has not made an effort to attain a pass grade, re-entry onto the first year of the course will not be permitted.
  • If a student had completed and passed a module of a course previously (e.g. ECDL) then they may apply for an exemption from this part of the course. A copy of the qualification should be submitted with the application form. Students will not be required to attend this section of the course and this will not affect their attendance rating.
  • There is a 5 day turnaround on all letters, which are posted directly to a student's home. Visa Extension letters are issued directly to a student's home for their records.
  • Letters will not be issued to students who have any fees outstanding.
  • Attendance figures are posted in the student canteen on a monthly basis.