Welcome International Students! Please read carefully all the information on this page, as well as the International Student Guidelines, before making an application to Portobello Institute. If in any doubt, you can contact us by

  • Email - info@portobelloinstitute.ie
  • Phone - +353 1 8920000

We will help you with all your questions about our courses, and provide any guidance you need with application for a student visa.

Foundation Year Courses

Note: the above courses are specialised courses. Non EU students can apply to any of our Full Time suite of courses within any of the departments. (Beauty, Creative, HealthBusiness & TravelEarly Years and Sport)

Important Information!

  1. You must meet immigration requirements in order to reside and study in Ireland. If you are an International Student and require a Student Visa, please see the guidelines under Visa Information.
  2. International Students can only apply for Full Time courses (This is part of Student Visa regulations).
  3. Admission on to a Full time course in Portobello Institute does not guarantee that you will get a Student Visa.

How to Apply for a Course

Step 1. Download the Printed Application form.

Download the Printed Application form. Complete it in Block capitals using a black/blue pen with clear and concise writing.

Fill in your personal details and include the following information on the form where required:

  • Course name
  • Course Code
  • Course start date

You may ignore the PPS number, since that only applies to Irish residents.

Step 2. Include Course Payment

If you are paying by Credit Card, then just enter your credit card information on the Printed Application form. We accept the following Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Laser.

If you are paying by Cheque/Banker's Draft, then make your payment to: Portobello Institute. The amount of payment you make here is the Course Fee only. You must make the payment in FULL, as that is part of the Student Visa requirement.

Step 3. Include Exam Fees if Relevant

If an exam fee is stated in a currency other than Euro, then you must include a separate Banker's Draft for the amount in the stated currency, made payable to Portobello Institute.

Note: If the exam fee is in Euro, then it is already included in your course fee and you do not need to make a separate payment.

Step 4. Other Information Required

The following documentation must also be forwarded to Portobello Institute when you make an application.

  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of GNIB Card (if resident in Ireland)
  • Copy of an attendance letter from previous college, if relevant.
  • All previous education history, IELTS or TEFAL English Level 5 (if non-resident in Ireland).

How to Send the Form, Payments and Other Documentation

By Fax: +(353) 1 8721989

By Post: Portobello Institute, 43 Lower Dominick St, Dublin 1, Ireland

What happens after I have sent in my application?

Once we have received your application form, a member of staff will process the information. If all necessary documents are in place, you will hear from us within 5 working days to schedule an interview with the relevant course director. An interview with the course director is required before a student can be accepted onto a course. If necessary this interview can take place over the phone. We will provide written confirmation if you have been accepted into the course.

Can I apply for any course?

International students can only apply for Full time courses. (Visas will not be granted for Part time courses).

What is the closing date for application?

There is no closing date. However if you need a visa to study in Ireland, Please apply as early as possible. The visa application process can take between 8-12 weeks, sometimes longer.

Can I pay my Fees in Instalments?

Unfortunately that is not possible. Irish government visa requirements are that you must have full course fees paid before you apply for a study visa.

What happens if I pay my fees, but don't get a visa?

In this case we will give students a refund but will keep a €250 processing fee.

Can I work in Ireland?

Yes you can work for a maximum of 20 hours a week. Every one who works in Ireland must have a PPS number for Tax reasons. To apply for a PPS number, contact The Department of Family and Social affairs on Tel: 01 704 3236. You can only get a PPS number once you are in the country.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Admission on to a Full time course in Portobello Institute does not guarantee you a student visa. You must also meet immigration requirements in order to reside and study in Ireland. Please see the guidelines under Visa Information.