The makeup artistry industry is one that experiences constant growth, evolution and change and for many includes great benefits like travel, flexibility and glamour. Makeup artistry takes alot of hard work and dedication to perfect a person’s beauty. All takes time, commitment and continuous skill improvement. A make-up artist will appreciate and understand the beauty of every individual in their profession.

Are you interested in a career in makeup? Here are a number of benefits to this creative career –

• Leave clients with a smile on their face and make them feel beautiful. There’s no better feeling than making someone look great and feel beautiful too.
• Flexibility to work anywhere in the world with the opportunity to be your own boss! You can determine how many hours you work, where you work and your own schedule, all around the needs of your clients.
• Makeup artists get the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world with their career.
• Variety to work across individual clients such as bridal, with get the chance to continuously experiment with new products, different skin tones and types.
• Constantly meeting new people with the chance to make long lasting friendships and build up loyal and repeat clients.
• Dream big and work backstage at fashion events, film sets and music festivals.

A makeup artist uses sheer creativity to develop different styles with pure imagination. There has been a continued and increased demand for individuals seeking help from a professional to get that special look.

If you would like to be faced by daily creative challenges that will improve your skills and work with constant new faces, new situations and new products, then a career as a makeup artist could be for you.

Portobello Institute offers a highly sought after makeup artistry course with limited places still available for autumn 2018 student intake. To start your beautiful journey today call 01 8920007 or email  for full course details.

Here is a snapshot of some of our past students beautiful work