That time of year is upon us again with 120,000 students in the midst of State exams since 9.30am this morning. This is the beginning of a 3 week process so we have presented 5 short tips to help you to get to the end of exam time!

Firstly, try your best to relax! Exam nerves and stress are normal and every student goes through these emotions at some stage. Exercise is a great way to help counteract this so find time on a daily basis to go for a walk, swim or a run.

You have done the hard work done so get your sleep. Late nights ultimately mean you won’t be able to think straight and you will thank yourself in the morning and throughout the day of your exams. Rested brains and bodies will perform their best.

Arrive in good time for scheduled exams. If it’s possible try and get in at least 15 minutes before the start of every exam so you can be mentally ready. You don’t want any added anxiety of feeling rushed.

Don't dwell. Treat every exam paper as if it’s your first with subjects carrying equal marks and importance. Try not to dwell on completed exam papers and start to take care of the next paper.

Eat well throughout and make sure you have adequate meals especially breakfast daily to retain those all important energy levels.

Be positive! Remember, you have done the work, the worst is now behind you, all the very best for the remainder, and it will be all behind you soon!