What is CPD?

The term CPD refers to Continuing Professional Development. It is the process of tracking and documenting skills, knowledge and experience. It is a combination of approaches, ideas and techniques that can help manage learning and growth. Overall, it is the means by which professionals maintain and enhance knowledge and skills.

Why does it exist?

The world’s industries are forever evolving, creating exciting both opportunities and challenges. CPD enables an individual to regularly apply attention to important areas of development and take appropriate action to reduce any shortfalls in knowledge.

Continuing Professional Development exists to ensure that an individual enhances their skills and abilities once they have formally qualified. Essentially, it allows an individual to put themselves in charge of their own career development and work-related ambitions.

The process of CPD can help individuals to identify goals and areas for development; plan out a way to improve in these areas and reach goals. For the individual it can lead to new opportunities, greater job satisfaction and help secure promotion.

From an organisational perspective it can improve staff motivation and demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to excellence and lifelong learning.

Benefits of CPD

Regardless of the career, undertaking CPD can help:
• develop a personalised career plan
• enhance employment opportunities
• improve career satisfaction
• track prior learning
• Enhance CV
• demonstrate commitment and value within your organisation
• prepare for promotion, job-hunting and interviews

How can Portobello Institute help?

Portobello Institute are committed to helping professionals at every stage of their career. CME at Portobello Institute have a range of courses available across the natural and built environment. Our courses are part time classroom based and include Fire legislation, Energy and Property Management.

For full details please contact Lynda O Neill on 01 8920020 or lynda.oneill@portobelloinstitute.ie