Pre-University Business Studies

 “When I did the leaving certificate I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.  I met with Portobello Institute and they guided me in the right direction.  I completed the Pre-university Business Studies course in Portobello Institute and I am now going into my final year of law in Griffith College Dublin.

What sparked my interest in law was the Corporate Governance module on my course.  It opened up the world of law to me and inspired me to go further.  Because the classes are small it made it much easier for all the students to take part and it created a great atmosphere.

The tutors at Portobello Institute make you feel like an individual and not just a number.  The close access to tutors really helped me grow more confident.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help and education I got from Portobello Institute.  It felt like more than just a college”.

Early Years

“I had been unsure which route to take when I left school. I was afraid of making a huge mistake when choosing what to do in college.  After meeting with the team at Portobello Institute they offered exactly what I was hoping for- to complete my level 6 in Early Years Montessori with the option of completing a BA in Early Childhood Studies over two years.

The tutors and staff at Portobello have been and still are my backbone. Every single email and cry is answered. They really want the best for each student and it shows in how they work with each individual.

For me it’s been that personal aspect in the college I love with the small class sizes that you just don’t get with some of the bigger universities. I couldn't be happier with my decision having chosen Portobello Institute – the support was everything and my possibilities are endless.” Frankie Cullen - Early Years Degree student

Personal Trainer

“From an early age I have always had a huge passion for sport and in the last number of years have developed a great love for the gym. I love dealing with people and found myself giving tips to others in my local gym.  From this I began to consider a career as a personal trainer.

I am completing the Gym Instructor/Personal Trainer course over 10 weekends which is perfect for me as I work in my profession on a full time basis.  

I found going back to study as a mature student really easy.  I would be at the gym at the weekends any so the practical side of the course doesn’t feel like a chore.  The classes are very hands on with a personal and friendly approach to learning.

My overall plan is to continue my studies and to work as a Personal Trainer in my spare time at weekends.  I am now considering doing a sports degree programme with Portobello.” Emma Nevin  - Personal Trainer student

Makeup Artistry

"From an early age I always played around with my aunts makeup and I knew back then that’s what I wanted to do as a career.

I wasn’t very confident with my skills so I knew by completing the Itec course at Portobello Institute that I would up my skill levels and make me more confident as an artist.

We had around the clock tutor support throughout the course.  Our tutors set up a whatsapp group that allowed us to throw around ideas and no matter the time or day the tutors would get back to us without hesitation.  This support was invaluable.

The difference in me since completing the course is my confidence has grown in leaps and bounds.  I am much more confident in the looks I create and feel my business skills have grown as I have experienced working with other people in the industry like photographers, hair stylists and other makeup artists.  I have my own business in Tipperary which I hope to expand and I have also been involved in photo shoots and promotional videos for local businesses." Natasha Doyle - Makeup Artistry graduate