The role:

A sports therapist helps to prevent injury, and should it occur will recognise, manage and treat, and rehabilitate the individual back to full fitness. Sports therapists work with a wide range of people, from those who train recreationally through to those who compete at a high level. They use a variety of techniques to maintain an athlete’s strength and prevent inquiry. A vital technique is sports massage where sports therapist will be well trained in massage therapy.  Sports therapists help people who are suffering from sports-related injuries to regain mobility and reduce pain, as well as help athletes increase their performance capabilities. The sports therapist will also plan and develop bespoke treatment plans for an individual who may be out of action for some time to help them to regain their fitness.  Therapists can gain employment with sports teams, in schools, health care facilities, hospitals, fitness and rehabilitation centres.


• Help prepare athletes both mentally and physically
• Advise on appropriate exercises
• Massage and apply techniques to provide support
• Examine and assess injuries
• Administer treatments
• Design and implement rehabilitation programmes
• Advise on nutrition, diet and lifestyle
• Work with trainers and coaches on injury prevention programmes


• Good interpersonal skills
• Physical fitness
• Work with people from diverse backgrounds
• Be sensitive towards injured clients
• Encourage and motivate clients

Education and training:

The key to success in this profession is motivation, determination and a love of sport. It can be very rewarding when individuals return to full fitness and can exercise again. In Ireland there is a continued growing demand for highly trained sports therapists and Portobello Institute offer programmes in Sports therapy from one year up to honours degree level. Students will develop subject-specific knowledge and skills required to work as a sports therapist in a wide range of settings.

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