Sport touches the lives of almost every person across Ireland with many playing sport, volunteering for sport, member of a sports club, or indeed attending sporting events. In Ireland, sport is a thriving sector supporting 40,000 jobs and as a nation we spend more than €2 billion on sport-related activity every year.   

Sport can be described as a niche market in terms of jobs compared to other more traditional sectors but it offers great opportunity to people with a real passion for sport.  Sports management is a highly competitive and broad area of sport that incorporates business, marketing and finance.  A sports management career outlook is vast and exciting with the option to work across numerous disciplines.

Those individuals who demonstrate a life-long passion for sport with a real interest in business, management and leadership should consider this career path. The task of a sports manager depends on the sub field that they specialise in.  A Sports manager can oversee the business and promotion of athletes or organisations.  Sport managers can be found working for professional teams, in colleges and universities, leisure departments and sports marketing companies.  

The Sports Management programme at Portobello Institute offers a solid first step into the world of sports management. The course provides students with knowledge in strategic sports management, transformational leadership techniques along with high performance. Students develop the ability to gather, interpret and utilise performance statistical analysis.  In addition they will gain a full understanding of player and team development.  Theory and practicals allow for invaluable experience in high performance and managerial subjects.  Course highlights include guest speakers, field trips, access to superior sports analysis software and industry experienced tutors.         

A career in sports management is varied with countless opportunity and is perfect for those who have a keen interest in business with a love for sport. For further information on our sports courses please contact Shane Ferris on 01 8920011 or email