A brief overview from sports degree student John Daly on a guest lecture from Professor Graham N.Smith, Chairman for Society of Sports Therapists

On the 20th of February 2018 the Chairman of ‘The Society of Sports Therapists’, Professor Graham N. Smith payed us a visit at Portobello Institute. It was great to be able to put a face to the name on the letters and emails we receive. The meeting was held with a mixture of first, second and third year B.Sc. Sports Therapy students. Graham started by talking about his extensive knowledge and experience in the sports industry and how he set up the society in 1990.

He spoke to us about some of the challenges we will face in the coming months and years. Whether it be with work placement, finding a job or setting up a private practice. He spoke to us about the importance of malpractice and public liability insurance. That we, some of the first students to receive this degree in Ireland would be setting the benchmark for future students. He spoke about the importance of being a member of the society after we graduate. Graham spoke about the opportunities of working abroad after we graduate due to being qualified worldwide. Graham also gave us advice for self-promoting ourselves and our work.

He also mentioned the competition third year students could enter were we could get the chance to travel to Canada in August. One lucky student would get to work with university and professional sports teams including the Toronto Maple Leaf’s. He also spoke about getting in touch with him or any of the staff at the society if ever we needed help or advice. At the end of the talk, students got the chance to ask the Chairman any questions we had.