For many considering a course in legal studies it is entry into the world of law. Legal Studies is generally a one year programme which provides students with an excellent base in law and is designed for those wishing to obtain a foundation in the core principles of Irish Law. Subjects can include law, business law, criminal law, customer service and communication.

A course in legal studies is primarily suited to those looking for a solid grounding in law. It is suitable for school leavers, those from non-legal background and for individuals who are working in the field and are seeking a qualification in the area.

Pre-university courses in legal studies can be a perfect taster for what’s to come, making desired qualifications possible. They provide the ideal platform for students to underpin vital foundations in law before committing to further study. These courses also help individuals to grow as a person and indeed a thinker, while preparing learners for further academia and a longer term college social environment.

Qualities you should desire to build on-
Commercial awareness
Excellent computer skills
Organisational skills
Interpersonal skills
Ability to create & develop relationships
Written skills
Presentation skills

Students will also develop crucial thinking and analytical skills as they interpret cases. They will gain research understanding in gathering information on legal cases and develop writing skills in composing briefs, essays and legal papers.

Portobello Institute offers a highly sought after pre-university course in legal studies with limited places available for autumn 2017 student intake. Due to demand we are also accepting applications from those seeking to apply and secure their place early for 2018.

These courses are suitable for individuals who would like a career as an assistant in a legal environment or indeed for those who wish to continue their legal studies to degree level. For full details and to start your professional journey today call us on 01 8920000 or email