Pre-university courses are becoming an increasingly popular path to achieving educational goals. Essentially, these courses make qualifications possible. By undertaking a pre-university course learners can gain a foundation level of knowledge in their chosen sector, and once they have achieved the required grades can progress further and apply for their preferred third level or degree course.

Key benefits

Typically, one year in duration, pre-university courses can be the perfect taster for what’s to come. They provide the ideal platform for students to underpin foundations in their desired industry before committing to further study or 3 years or more.

Over the years there has been a continued increase in points, making it difficult for students to secure their ideal choice. Pathway courses can make it possible to achieve the same success via alternative routes.

These courses can also be described as preparatory programmes which enable students to improve on certain subjects or skills and be ready for a full academic life. For school leavers, it’s the perfect solution to test the water, as choosing the right course or indeed industry to study is a big decision at such a pivotal stage of their lives. By taking a one year pre-university course you get to start your education journey and experience if your chosen sector really is for you.

Along with covering the essential content, these courses help individuals to grow as a person and indeed a thinker, along with preparing learners for further academia and the college social environment.

What Portobello Institute can offer?

Portobello Institute offer student’s relevant pathways to access preferred third level programmes. Our courses have been specifically developed to give students an opportunity to study the subject of choice. Courses prepare students with the key fundamentals for gaining entry into degree programmes with a number of important links to various colleges across Ireland.

The Pre-University Business programme has the most sought after modules that Universities want their applicants to have. The modules within this programme are the correct modules you require to further your education. For example, if you wanted to study Level 8 Business Studies in DCU you need to have QQI Level 5 Mathematics or Statistics within your Major Award. For information on all relevant Higher Education Links visit (QQI), the Central Applications Office (CAO)

Many of our Pre-University Legal Studies pupils have successfully used this programme as a path of progression to access their chosen degree programmes. These paths of progression are available through the Higher Education Links scheme (HEL), and listed below are just some of the degrees made accessible upon completion of this programme.

There is a minimum requirement of 4 to 5 distinctions for admission onto many of these programmes. Portobello Institute offers students the opportunity to achieve these results through its extensive student support systems.

To speak with one of our course advisors please contact 01 892 0000 or email