A career working with children was always on the cards for Early Years degree student Limin.  Uprooting from her home country of China many years ago, Limin proudly calls Ireland her second home.

With her love of children Limin started the early stages of her career working in the baby room in a Dublin crèche.  Her manager at the time soon recognised she had the skills and understanding of working with both babies and pre-school children and encouraged her to undertake a Montessori course which naturally she excelled in.  

This was just the beginning for Limin - Armed with an insatiable hunger for learning; progression onto a degree in Early Childhood Care & Education was a natural route, with Portobello Institute being her college choice.  “The cost of the course was a big investment for me but worth every penny as the content and the learning experience was excellent” she says.

3 years further study and Limin says her life has been turned upside down for the better.  “Before studying with Portobello I was shy and lacked confidence.  I would always question my ability and think I wasn’t capable enough to be a room leader - jump ahead to now and I feel completely in control and confident with my knowledge of this exciting sector” says Limin.  

Completing the module in Reflective Leadership gave her the foundations to explore more within the Early Years sector.  Limin based her thesis on “Transition” where she focused on the important transition period for both International children with a language barrier and Irish children from home into a pre-school setting.  From her studies and findings on her degree programme she now boasts of better working relationships with parents.  “Working with children and understanding why they behave in a certain way, or react to a certain scenario means I can now explain these behavioural patterns in a more logical way to the parents” she says.

As well as completing her degree Limin has written articles on Early Childhood Studies for numerous Chinese publications.  She also plays an instrumental role within the Chinese community home schooling in Dublin, implementing Irish curriculums such as Aistear and Soilta into children’s educational life.

Citing her tutors as one of the many reasons for her success with Portobello Institute, Limin says their support was amazing and her journey from start to finish has been extremely enjoyable.  “Throughout my time spent at Portobello Institute my tutors have been my mentors for my study and future career.  They have been exceptionally supportive in guiding me and helping me secure a new job. I have changed both personally and professionally and my family are so proud of me”.

For further information on the Early Childhood Care & Education degree please contact Jennifer Matteazzi on 01 892 0040 or email Jennifer.matteazzi@portobelloinstitute.ie