We were truly honoured to welcome legendary former Irish runner and Ireland's most famous Olympian Ronnie Delaney to our sports department last week. Ronnie is a sporting hero and represented Ireland numerous times at the Olympics.  Specialising in middle distance running he was a gold medal champion winner in the 15000 metre run at the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne and a bronze medal winner at the European Athletics Championships in Stockholm in 1958.  Ronnie’s highest accolade and benchmark in sporting history is being the 7th runner to break the 4 minute mile. He retired from competitive athletics in 1962 and Ronnie came in to meet with our current sports students to take them through his sporting journey and many of this other life time achievements.

On the day Ronnie spoke about his early childhood, doing various sports which lead him to be a better athlete. In the early years it was his brother who was a better all round athlete yet he was the one who excelled. At a young age he joined the army but he quit to follow his dream of a career in athletics.  Throughout his presentation he spoke proudly about his journey to Olympic gold in the 1500metres in Melbourne and becoming the 7th man in history to break the 4 minute mile barrier.

When the floor was open to the students they were particularly interested to hear about his strongest opponents, nutrition and any regrets he may have looking back over his career.  When asked by a student as he retired through injury at 26 years of age, did he have an regrets he simply answered "I don’t do regrets! I am Olympic champion, world record holder, I have a beautiful wife, beautiful children and amazing grandchildren, I have had sporting success and business success! How can I have any regrets".  What a legend.