Distance learning has become a very popular study option amongst adults with busy lives. It gives the opportunity to study while you work or attend to other commitments. Everything is central, to hand and online - tutor support, assessments, online library facilities and notes.

For anyone considering a distance learning course, there are several factors to be considered; self motivation is vital to get the learning completed. Commitment is required on your own time along with excellent time management skills. 

Top Advantages

Some of the benefits are apparent. This type of study can be more affordable, you can start the course when it suits and you study the material at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

Other key benefits include no associated travel and also the ability to learn while you work. 

It allows for the time and the resources to make you more employable while remaining financially independent, with the ability to work while you study.

Distance learning courses essentially require less time simply because there is no travel required or time spent in a classroom.  

As you are not constrained to a fixed schedule you can progress through the course content when your commitments allow you to.

For those who are already in employment, a distance learning course can mean the ability to study and progress in a career without affecting current roles and future opportunities.

No matter where you live, you can continue to study, learn and progress. Online programmes give the flexibility to study when it suits with no pre-determined and timetabled classes. 

Possible drawbacks

Some may see no direct face to face or classroom interaction as major disadvantage to this type of study. However, some colleges offer interaction with key academic staff to support.

Students can miss out on the experience of attending college and missing out on traditional lectures.

There can be a tendency towards procrastination and can be difficult to keep on track of course content if you are not self motivated. 

At Portobello Institute all of our distance learning courses include the full and ongoing support of an online tutor for the course duration which counteracts any possible drawbacks or concerns to this type of learning.

Distance learning can give you the ultimate freedom to learn and study at your convenience, in your own time, and on your own schedule.  It ultimately means you don't have to choose between work, commitments and study. 

At Portobello Institute we believe that supporting student learning is a key element to the success of any distance programme. We care about your success, we want you to achieve the best you can and as a result students have the support of an online tutor for the duration of any distance learning course. 

Portobello Institute offer distance learning courses across a number of key disciplines including Special Needs, Health, Sport & Early Years. For details please call 01 8920000.