Choosing a course in any college can be a daunting task.  Third level colleges offer open days to help students to benefit from specific course details and to essentially introduce them to the wider experience of life as a student.

Research is crucial to making the right decision. While website and direct correspondence with a college are vital components in decision making, for some it only tells part of the story. By attending an open day students can get a full sense of what is involved in academia and what life at a college represents. 

Course Information

Your top priority is learning as much as possible about the course you want to study. Speaking with academic staff at an open day can help you to ask more specific questions. They will help to bring a course to life, giving you details of how it's assessed, any links to industry and what to expect for the duration of a course. Staff can also give insights into other relevant courses to consider ensuring you make the right decision for you.

Portobello Institute offer a wide range of courses and flexible study options, either full or part-time, blended learning or distance learning, so you can fit learning around any busy lifestyle. 

Meeting the team

First impressions count and can lead to long lasting relationships. Open days give the perfect opportunity to meet the academic team, possible peers and current students.

At Portobello we value each and every student from the moment they attend an open day through to graduation day.  Should an open day not suit Portobello Institute also offer a continuous open door policy and are more than happy to arrange an individual meeting to help students begin their journey.

Exploring the campus 

A walk around campus and getting a feel for the college in terms of communal areas, lecture rooms and student facilities will demonstrate daily life as a student.   You can also check out what the local area has to offer including suitable public transport nearby.

Portobello Institute is a small private college situated in a charming Georgian building with bright, spacious classrooms and student areas. We are conveniently located in Dublin city centre, close to all major transport links. 

Soaking up the atmosphere

It is important to look at more than just facts and figures. When you come to a final decision atmosphere and an overall vibe plays a significant part. By visiting a college environment you can immediately get a sense for what the culture is like.  If you like what you see and feel comfortable, it’s perhaps a good place to attend. 

The learning experience and class setting play a key part in our student’s success rate. We have an impressively low student-teacher ratio. As a general rule we cap all of our part-time classes at a maximum of 14 students to ensure optimum learning. At Portobello Institute we provide a safe environment where everyone counts as we have the room to care and support each and every student through their educational journey. 

Only you can decide if a college is best suited to you. Open Days can help paint the complete picture and give re-assurance that you have made the right decision.   Remember, it’s your future so make sure to take the time to ask lots of questions and get all the information you need to make a well informed decision.

Why not pop in and meet with one of our department experts at our upcoming Open evenings who can guide and advise on the best course possible to suit your requirements. 

We are a full schedule of 2018 open days in place where we look forward to seeing you.