Our full-time beauty students together with their dedicated tutor have been successfully running a tranquil pop –up beauty salon at Portobello Institute over the last number of weeks. Today, we popped in to a soothing retreat to see how they were getting on and to gain a little insight into life in a real working beauty salon. The atmosphere was a wonderful display of candles, lighting and scented oils.

Every Friday, clients are invited into the salon by appointment only to enjoy an array of complimentary beauty treatments which are carried out by students under the full support and supervision of their highly knowledgeable tutor.

The beauty salon has ultimately been preparing our students for real-life experiences and while classroom learning is important and critical to the course delivery, sometimes there is no better way to learn than to put theory learned in class into practice. Experience with real clients is invaluable for the students, and it is helping to shape their future decisions and determine which area of beauty they have a real passion for.   

Students are learning a wide variety of information and crucial skills in the beauty salon from facials, lash, brow tinting and tweezing to waxing, manicures, pedicures and body massage.  They are also learning how to care for clients and build relationships.  It was evident that the students are getting great hands on experience on how to prepare a room, learn the latest skills and also build relationships. 

A career in beauty is extremely rewarding so to start your journey today by calling us on 01 8920007 or email jenny.cosgrave@portobelloinstitute.ie