Education has never been more accessible with blended learning becoming a popular option among students. We now live in a digital age and the ways in which we learn are changing. Blended learning has been described as studying the best of both worlds, involving both a classroom and online environment. The overall aim is to enhance the learning and teaching experiences for students and teachers alike. Essentially, it gives students freedom to learn independently from their tutor and can allow them to monitor students’ progress more closely than possibly through traditional methods.

What is blended learning?

Blended Learning involves multiple teaching methods for the purpose of flexible enriched learning. It combines the flexibility of e-learning with the opportunity to personally interact with tutors and peers in a traditional classroom setting. Students benefit from studying information online from the comfort of their own home while enjoying engagement with peers and tutor in a classroom setting.

Why do students choose this study option?

More flexibility for students
A varied approach to learning
Ideal for the independent learner
Better means of monitoring progress
It combines the greatest strengths of online and face-to-face education
It is designed so that both methods reinforce and complement each other
Students learn great life skills such as self-discipline, self-motivation, and organisational behaviours


The Portobello Institute Approach to Blended Learning

Our blended learning courses bring greater diversity to learning and allow for a seamless and complementary flow of learning for every learner.

Our approach to learning includes a mixture of live workshops together with online learning and webinars. We understand the requirement for support during the online phase by ensuring every student has access to a tutor.
We also know the importance of class numbers and commit to capping our classes at 14 students for ultimate learning during the classroom phase.

We aim to maximise flexible study where students work independently online. For those who feel they may not be self-directed and disciplined for this type of study we ensure full tutor support for the full duration of each blended course.
In response to the needs of the modern learner, Portobello Institute offers Early Years and Health Education through blended learning programmes.

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