What is Sports Psychology?

Sports psychology studies the link between psychology and sports. It is ultimately how the mind affects sport, athletic performance, exercise, and physical activity. Sport psychology is an expertise that uses psychological knowledge and skills to help the well-being of athletes address and addresses optimal performance. In short, sports psychologists’ help athletes perform at their best.

The role in short

This profession understands that individuals who play sports must be healthy in both their bodies and their minds in order to succeed. Reducing stress and anxiety before events also leads to better performances by athletes.
Sports psychologists primarily work with professional athletes and coaches to improve performance and increase motivation. Importantly, they can help athletes cope with any intense pressure which can come from competition and to help overcome any problems with focus and motivation.
They work with athletes to improve performance and recover from an injury. While sports psychologists can work with elite and professional athletes they also help regular people to enjoy sport.

A Career in Sports Psychology

We live in a sports loving world and becoming a sports psychologist can be an exciting career choice for those with a strong interest in sports and physical activity. Sports Psychologists are a vital part of the action, helping both individual players and teams realise their potential.

What skills & qualities are necessary?

Ability to help people achieve their full potential
Communications skills are vital
Act as an objective listener
Teach relaxation exercises
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
Excellent motivational skills
Excellent observational and analytical skills
Ability to solve complex problems and work as part of a team

Getting started?

Sports Psychology is a rewarding and diverse career choice for those who have a passion for sport with the ability to truly help people. Portobello Institute offer part-time add on courses in Sports Psychology in Dublin and Cork which are designed to equip learners with the necessary skills.
For full details on all sports courses please contact Shane Ferris on 01 8920011 or email shane.ferris@portobelloinstitute.ie