With the Leaving and Junior Certificate exams fast approaching we have outlined 10 quick tips to help reduce any stress levels and maximum effective study.

Be organised. Get all of your notes in order to avoid any wasted time.

Take note. Study should involve a pen and paper. When you work on a computer, it can be very easy to get distracted by the internet so include the basics of note taking.

History matters. Study past exam papers to get comfortable with the structure while looking at the possibilities of what may or may not come up.

Be consistent. Spread your remaining time as equally as possible over your subjects.

Know the marking scheme. Familiarise yourself with the marking scheme for every paper and understand how to allocate enough time per section. This is vital in helping you to achieve the highest possible grade.

Take breaks. You will be more productive if you study in lots of short slots rather than long marathon sessions. Do something you enjoy during breaks.

Sleep. Don’t stay up cramming the night before an exam. 8 hours of sleep will make you more alert and focused.

Keep active. Continue with hobbies and extracurricular activities as they are perfect for relieving stress especially outdoors to clear the mind and relieve any stress.

Eat well. Eat healthily and regularly. Your brain will benefit from the nutrients. Super foods can also help boost concentration, energy and mood.

Be positive. Self confidence is one of the most important aspects for doing well. Remember your hard work and sacrifice will pay off so believe in yourself.

Some basic ways that will hopefully help make exam time a little bit easier. And most importantly Good Luck!